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Coming soon! A basic guide to spells to aid you in your journey to yourself and your special intentions.


Welcome to Wellcat's Magick Corner. This page will soon include basic spells and, what we hope will be useful & creative guides for the use of various Magickal Elements, whether you prepare them yourself or purchase any of our unique Wellcat products.

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Whether you place them in Charm Bottles or a Special Pouch, dried herbs can be carried with you or placed in a private place for special moments. A combination of herbs, resins & oils can signify a special intent, such as to welcome a stolen kiss, passionate love, true friendship, peaceful dreams, or a happy home.

Other special intentions can break curses, cast spells, channel inner visions, focus psychic energy, mayhaps even bring good luck & happy fortunes.

We trust you will find the positive energies you seek when you select any of our Wellcat Magickal Elements, Incense & Resins, Tinctures & Powders.

All beliefs be in the heart, soul and mind of the believer!

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