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Need more reasons to celebrate this year? Here are more than 80 fun & imaginative possibilities! Originally printed in Chase's Calendar of Events, they have been featured in USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, and many other publications, television and shows. This site was awarded  Strange Site of the Day by Yahoo! Internet Life. These unique, copyrighted holidays will bring a few chuckles & a bit of mirth to your workplace or your next gathering of friends. Created by Thomas and Ruth Roy, Wellcat Holidays are an opportunity to celebrate the little, happy details of your life.

Special note: We have just begun adding some quirky and--we hope--useful information  for each Wellcat Holiday. Although all the links are active, we haven't yet finished inserting all the rituals, notes, quotes, recipes & other elements that we want to share with you. All the more reason to return to Wellcat again and again, because you just never know what you'll find!

Need something different for your next business meeting? Contact us for a personal appearance at your group’s next gathering. We will also (for a reasonable fee) tailor-design for your organization a special way to celebrate any of our holidays. And be sure you visit Wellcat Herbs for fine herbal products.

"Wellcat Holidays" is a trademark of Thomas and Ruth Roy.  These holidays are copyrighted by Thomas and Ruth Roy. All Rights Reserved. Email  wellcat@comcast.net

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