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Gardening--by the square inch, or by the square foot--is a joyful act of connecting with your sense of self and with nature. The garden of these photos no longer exists but in my imagination and on these pages. It remains, however, a sweet symphony of the scent, feel and flavor of every gardener's heart, and the soul of  each garden I've  created since.

sunrise over my 1st herb & veg garden.jpg (33208 bytes)

Sunrise over my first herb & vegetable garden

miniature roses, scented geraniums.jpg (144635 bytes)

Miniature roses, scented geraniums & German statice

roma tomatoes, french marigolds & purple basil.jpg (187410 bytes)

Roma tomatoes with French marigolds & purple basil

northwest corner, showing path & raised beds.jpg (123562 bytes)

Northwest corner, showing path & raised beds

Raised garden beds from alfalfa field.jpg (116488 bytes)

Raised garden beds dug from an alfalfa field

Small rocks, dug from the garden,edge a border.jpg (145526 bytes)

Small rocks, dug from the garden, help define the border with tomatoes, marigolds & basil

Sage needs good drainage.jpg (147771 bytes)

Sage needs good drainage


Tri-color, Purple, Golden & Common Sage.jpg (146116 bytes)

Tri-color, Purple, Golden & Common Sage

Dill seed.jpg (144450 bytes)

Dill Seed

Rosemary.jpg (169786 bytes)


Spring onions, lettuce & broccoli with alfalfa in back.jpg (125437 bytes)

Spring onions, lettuce & broccoli, with alfalfa as backdrop


y.jpg (124537 bytes)

Lettuce, broccoli & flat leaf parsley, all ready for an early summer harvest


The beauty of contrasting colors.jpg (123853 bytes)

Buoyant marigolds are bug deterrents & invaluable in any organic garden

Buoyant marigolds are welcome in.jpg (149739 bytes)
The beauty of contrasting colors


Tomatoes for the sauce pot.jpg (148627 bytes)

Tomatoes ripening for the sauce pot

Roses and scented geraniums.jpg (121115 bytes)

Miniature roses & scented geraniums ready to harvest & dry for potpourri