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Tangled in Dreams*

An exceptional aromatherapy Massage Oil with essential oils of Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Patchouli, Wild Chamomile, Sweet Orange, and Grapefruit blended with Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, Olive & Apricot Kernel Oils and Pure Vegetable Glycerin; can also be used as a bath oil.

~ available in a beautiful cobalt blue bottle ~ 6 oz. $11.95 ~ info@wellcat.com





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~a note on the inspiration for this wonderful & versatile Special Wellcat Creation ~

Tangled in Dreams . . .

  Ruth Lillian, who had been staring into the lamp, looked up & searched her father’s face, trying to see past the dark spot that the lamp flame had printed on her vision.  He had never before mentioned delivering the four boxes of buttons while his parents were lying at home, dead.

        “Well!” Mr. Kane said gruffly, passing over the painful memories. When that autumn came, I was traveling with an old Yankee drummer [traveling salesman] who made the rounds of farms, selling needles, thimbles, pots & pans, ribbons, rush brooms, almanacs, pain remedies—whatever.  He sold goods out of the back of his wagon.  But mostly he sold himself:  his gossip, his cheerfulness, his stories.  These stories came in two flavors.  Sweet for the women, salty for the men.  People would buy things they didn’t really need, just to have his company. ‘There’s thousands of drummers out there,’ he told me. ‘And they’re all trying to figure out how to sell more.  But it isn’t how you sell, it’s what you sell.  If you try to sell a woman thread, you only make your sale if she happens to need thread at that moment.  But if you sell her the dream of a fine new dress . . . ah!  Or better yet, the image of her daughter wearing that dress at her wedding . . . a-ah!  She’ll buy your thread because it’s all tangled in dreams of new dresses and weddings.’  He told me how he started off by running a sausage stall at county fairs back in Vermont, but he didn’t do very well until he learned that you don’t sell the sausage, you sell the sizzle!  ‘You’ve got to be a dream merchant,’ he told me.”

       A dream merchant. Matthew liked that.

From Incident at Twenty-Mile

Written by Trevanian  

Tangled in Dreams . . .  

 in celebration of a place called Mt. Hope

where we are all inspired to be dream merchants

  Tangled in Dreams . . .

*specially created by Wellcat Herbs

 as a holiday gift for Chuck & Dee Romito, Christmas 1999

 inspired by author & dream merchant of words, Trevanian

~ End ~