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~ more than a dozen delightful varieties ~ 

 Wellcat potpourri will sweeten your drawers, create a special aura in any room of your home, your workplace or your car. Our potpourri is a welcome addition when you want a special essence to cheer the air or soothe your soul. We love it in a little wooden bowl right next to our computer, in a glass jar on our hallway hamper, in sweet bags tucked in corners everywhere!

Enjoy Wellcat potpourri in Regular Size for $6.00 (a 4”x6” very full zip lock bag); Royal Size for $16.95 (which is approximately 3 ˝ times the Regular Size); in beautiful, handcrafted Sweet Bags for $6.00 (fabrics vary, size is approximately 3 ˝”x4”, with double satin ribbons).

Chocolate Surprise So delicious you'll think it's edible, this is a deep rich, milk chocolate scented potpourri with purple, red and pink hues to please the eye.


Country Simmer   You'll feel like pulling your rocker next to the wood stove when you get a whiff of this one! The scent of apple & spice is as fragrant as a fresh baked homemade apple pie. Cheery green windmill pods, plenty of orange peel, bright yellow calendula flowers, bay leaves, cedar, star anise, cloves, allspice & cinnamon chips make Country Simmer just as delightful in a pretty bowl as in a simmer pot. Regular size $6.00 ~ Royal size $16.95 


Elizabeth's Élan    Inspired by Her Royal Highness, Elizabeth I of England,, Elizabeth's Élan is a truly elegant floral essence, a fine blend of lavender with a touch of lilac, beautiful grade #1 lavender flowers & perfect pink rose buds. Regular size $6.00 ~ Royal size $16.95 ~ Sweet Bag $6.00


Garden Secret  An irresistible potpourri with the earthy essence of patchouli & warm fragrance of musk blended with lavender flowers, patchouli leaves & deep red roses, enhanced with vivid blue windmill pods. Regular size $6.00 ~ Royal  size $16.95 ~ Sweet Bag $6.00


Gypsy Magic  currently out of stock An exotic blend of frankincense & myrrh with a touch of lavender, Gypsy Magic  casts an hypnotic spell with its mystical & sensuous synergy. Resins of frankincense tears & myrrh gum, mixed & aged with the oils of frankincense & myrrh, creates a definitive aura perfect for meditation. Deep purple windmill pods, olive hued bay leaves, tawny cedar & lavender flowers provide the perfect color & texture for magic of any kind--especially Gypsy Magic!    Regular size $6.00 ~ Royal size $16.95 ~ Sweet Bag $5.00

Mint Magic   This potent aromatherapy potpourri is made with the true essential oil of peppermint. One whiff of Mint Magic's  zippy essence is sure to increase your alertness & concentration. Combined with chocolate mint leaves & oak moss, Mint Magic is a pick-you-up perk-you-up perfect potpourri for your car, your desk, your handbag or briefcase. Regular size $6.00 ~ Royal size $16.95 ~ Sweet Bag $6.00



Pirate's Passion      Classic citrus scent of orange & lemon verbena, made colorful to the eye & delightful to the touch with rich red roses, lavender flowers, orange peel, lemon verbena leaves, bay leaves, cedar chips, cloves, allspice & cinnamon. Universally popular & always in demand among Renaissance Faire patrons who declare it as lusty and refreshing as any Pirate's Passion!  Be sure to order plenty for yourself & friends. Regular size $6.00 ~ Royal size $16.95 ~ Sweet Bag $6.00


Renaissance Rogue  (also known as Wellcat's Basic Moth Chaser)   The original Wellcat potpourri, Renaissance Rogue  is a subtle & truly unique mix of  garden-harvested herbs & flowers, aged & cured with imported spices, select fixatives & oils. Let's face it, the scent of granny's moth balls simply doesn't harmonize with your favorite cologne or perfume. That's just one good reason why you'll want to stock up on this versatile & delightful blend. The other reasons? It's all-natural, smells good (lavender & cedar with a hint of mint) & it's very effective for keeping those little nibblers away from your treasured woolens & heirloom quilts. Renaissance Rogue is loaded with cedar wood chips, patchouli, bay leaves and more than a dozen garden-harvested herbs which act as natural moth repellants. Stash some in those seldom used suitcases, musty old cupboards, even your car trunk. Very effective against silver fish; perfect sachet for sweaters, blankets & fine linens. Delightful in apothecary jars or large wooden bowls, too!  Regular size $6.00 ~ Royal Size $16.95 

Shakespeare's Rose       Fragrances of tea rose & garden rose are delicately blended & aged with Orris root, then layered with rich red roses, perfect pink rosebuds & the finest quality of lavender flowers. ‘Tis said of Shakespeare's Rose  that this delicate herbal delight inspired the bard himself to pen some of his most famous sonnets.  Regular size $6.00 ~ Royal size $16.95 ~ Sweet Bag $5.00


Shire Delight   A rich, walk-in-the-woods blend of bayberry & vanilla with Jamaican allspice, cinnamon pieces, silvery gray oak moss, a handsome collection of natural dried seed pods, pine cones, noble fir scales & ruby red rose hips.  Shire Delight  is an excellent good mood mix in a wooden bowl next to your favorite reading chair. Regular size $6.00 ~ Royal size $16.95 ~ Sweet Bag $6.00


Sweetgrass    Burgundy windmill pods, clusters of silvery oak moss, perfect pink rosebuds & deep purple lavender flowers give Wellcat's Sweetgrass Potpourri a color & texture as unique as its fragrance. Native to the southwest, Sweetgrass is traditionally burned as an incense. Now you can enjoy it as a lingering essence in potpourri form. Regular size $6.00 ~ Royal size $16.95 ~ Sweet Bag $6.00


Sweet Treat  This outrageously yummy strawberry-vanilla blend dressed up with red roses & silvery oak moss is like a dessert without the calories!  Originally created for the young ladies who visit our Renaissance Faire on special school days, we quickly discovered it appeals to all ages!


Witch's Brew An edible variety of simmering potpourri, this blend contains no oils, simply pure, top quality spices: cinnamon chips, cinnamon sticks, Jamaican Allspice, cloves, and star anise. Simmer for a delicious, wafting winter scent. Mix with cider or wine for a mulling spice.


Yuletide Cheer Deck the halls and side tables with bowls of this festive, evergreen scented potpurri.  Gold, red & rich green colors in a variety of textures and shapes make this a cheerful and cozy blend, indeed!


Wellcat Herbs Order Information    Wellcat Herbs New Order Form

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Wellcat potpourris are carefully hand blended, with scented oils being added, drop by drop to high quality fixatives, such as Orris or Calamus root, oak moss or Tonka beans.  After this blend is aged or cured, it is then mixed with lovely flowers, herbs, pine cones, and spices and—with daily turns at vigorous shaking and stirring—it is left to cure until just the perfect richness is achieved.

Classic Potpourri

More than a dozen exceptional varieties 


Sweet Bags
Lovely handcrafted sachets filled with the scent of your choice

Potpourri Ingredients
Fixatives, oils, herbs & flowers

Wellcat will soon be posting pictures of each potpourri so that you can see the vivid colors & textures which delightfully compliment the unique essence of each special blend.

Wellcat's Lip Balms and Solid Scent Creams are truly unique! Try them and you'll want to order more for yourself and friends.