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Magickal Elements
Incense & ResinsMagickal Powders Magickal Tinctures Astrological Elements


Magic Corner

Magickal Elements
Incense & ResinsMagickal Powders Magickal Tinctures Astrological Elements


Magic Corner

Magickal Elements
Incense & ResinsMagickal Powders Magickal Tinctures Astrological Element


Magic Corner

Magickal Elements
Incense & ResinsMagickal Powders Magickal Tinctures Astrological Elements


Magic Corner

Magickal Elements
Incense & ResinsMagickal Powders Magickal Tinctures Astrological Elements


Magic Corner

Magickal Elements
Incense & ResinsMagickal Powders Magickal Tinctures Astrological Elements

Special Note from Mistress Ruth: we are currently out of stock of all tinctures! Please be advised that an update will be posted the minute they are available. Thanks for your understanding!

  magickal tinctures

**External Use Only**

$5.95 each

2 dram clear vials with droppers

(2 drams = approximately 150 drops)

~ scroll down for a complete list of

Simple Tinctures and Complex Tinctures ~

Each tincture is prepared in small batches with carefully ground dried herbs or resins, steeped in ethyl alcohol, twice blended and stabilized with castor oil or glycerin. 

Available in limited quantities.

Special orders are welcome.

It is highly recommended that tinctures be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Shake well before use.

Be advised, some tinctures may be drying to the skin, while some may stain or leave gummy, sticky residues.

Uses of Magickal Tinctures

Magickal tinctures stimulate ritual consciousness through your sense of smell. Each tincture or blend adds native energy to your personal intention. Use tinctures in these and any other manner your creative nature suggests . . .

To scent incense papers ~ To anoint the skin, bringing the plant’s powers within you ~ To anoint magical tools, sachets, candles & jewelry ~ In bath water, mixed with magickal oils, or added to ointments

Simple Tinctures

Benzoin A dark brown, translucent tincture with clean, antiseptic scent, perfect for increasing business success and sharpening mental powers. May be used in purification rituals such as anointing, then burning a white candle. A few drops of benzoin tincture can be added to scented oils and ointments to preserve them. 2 dram vial $5.95

Camphor A clear tincture with a penetrating, cool odor. Sniff—as needed—to lessen sexual desire. Anoint healing amulets or sachets or add to Full Moon baths. 2 dram vial $5.95 (currently out of stock)

Cinnamon A gorgeous, rich scent to anoint money sachets, add to money baths, sniff to develop psychic powers, add to protection blends. This tincture is a deep red, almost brownish black hue. 2 dram vial $5.95

Clove An incredible scent for protection and exorcism formulas. Anoint money with clove tincture before spending. Use for love. Makes a transparent, light brown tincture. 2 dram vial $5.95

Copal A gum resin from Mexico, copal produces a light yellow, translucent tincture that feels tacky on the skin. Its scent is reminiscent of a combination of frankincense and lemon.  Anoint for protection and use in spirituality formulas. 2 dram vial $5.95

Deer’s Tongue A warm vanilla scent with a light green hue. Sniff of this tincture to increase psychic powers. Its scent is reputed to attract men. 2 dram vial $5.95 (currently out of stock)

Dragon’s Blood A deep mahogany tincture with a unique and resonating scent. Use for spirituality, purification and protection rituals. 2 dram vial $5.95

Frankincense A beautiful golden-colored tincture with a pure frankincense scent. Anoint tools, sachets or the body (this is a gum resin and will be sticky). Use for spirituality, exorcism, purification, luck and protection rites. An excellent tincture for scenting incense papers. 2 dram vial $5.95

Galangal A rootstock which produces a light yellow tincture smelling of ginger and camphor. Use for luck, money, protection, exorcism and psychic development. 2 dram vial $5.95

Lavender The tincture created from this favorite herb is light green and can be used to attract love, to produce sleep by anointing your forehead and pillow, to purify baths, and to promote chastity and peace. 2 dram vial $5.95

Mugwort Anoint sleep pillows to evoke vivid dreams. 2 dram vial $5.95

Myrrh An ancient and evocative scent, especially when mixed with frankincense, tincture of myrrh is a bittersweet, nut-brown essence. Used for spirituality, healing and protection. Well suited for scenting incense papers. 2 dram vial $5.95

Nutmeg A translucent, reddish-orange tincture employed to increase psychic powers, or anoint money, health and luck amulets or sachets. 2 dram vial $5.95

Patchouli A heady and exotic, earth-scented herb, patchouli produces an evocative green tincture. It is useful for money, love and fertility. 2 dram vial $5.95

Peppermint The pungent leaves of peppermint produce a tingling scent and lovely mint-green color. Use this tincture in money, purification and love rituals. Anoint sleep pillows with a few drops. 2 dram vial $5.95

Rose Tincture of rose petals, while no comparison to the costly essentials oils of Rose Absolute or Rose Otto, nonetheless creates a uniquely lovely hue and scent. Use for love, peace, healing and harmony. 2 dram vial $5.95

Rosemary A rich, resinous tincture, yellowish green in color. Tincture of rosemary has universal purpose and can be used for nearly every magical goal: love, healing, protection, exorcism, sleep, lust, creativity and contemplation. 2 dram vial $5.95

Sage The use of white sage creates a powerful, greenish-brown tincture, with a scent similar to camphor overlaid with a strong “green note.” It is used in healing, purification, obtaining wisdom and protection and to anoint wishing amulets or sachets. 2 dram vial $5.95

Sandalwood The mystique of this wonderful wood essence acquires a slight overtone of cedar when tinctured. Its lovely deep burnt-orange red hue can leave stains and must be used with care when anointing fabrics or skin—but it’s well worth the inconvenience. Use for protection, spirituality, healing and exorcising purposes. 2 dram vial $5.95

Southernwood Known also as “Lad’s Ruin,” southernwood has a long association with love rituals. This tincture is made with lemon southernwood and its essence is an earthy, woodsy camphor scent with a hint of lemon. 2 dram vial $5.95 (currently out of stock)

Spearmint As with peppermint, this is a lively, mint-green tincture, useful in money, purification and love rituals, or on a sleep pillow; spearmint is a slightly less pungent, though very sprightly, member of the mint family. 2 dram vial $5.95

Star Anise This star-shaped spice produces a lively sassafras-smelling tincture. Sniff when seeking psychic awareness, especially before working with tarot cards, rune stones and other divinatory tools. 2 dram vial $5.95

Tonka A fine fixative for potpourri, the toxic Tonka bean produces a rich vanilla scent with a slightly bitter after-note. Anoint money, love, courage and wish amulets or sachets. External use only! 2 dram vial $5.95

Vanilla The exotic and costly vanilla bean produces a rich, warm smelling tincture. It is useful to attract love, to promote physical energy, and to stimulate mental processing. 2 dram vial $5.95

Wood Aloe This Malaysian bark produces a highly resinous tincture smelling of ginger and pepper. It is perfect for anointing sacred tools, the altar, luck and spirituality amulets and talismans. 2 dram vial $5.95(currently out of stock)

Wormwood Another member of the Artemesia family, wormwood’s scent is not a “pretty” essence, but is an acquired appreciation. Tincture of wormwood’s appeal lies in its ancient association with mystical powers and rituals. Use for protection, meditation and exorcism. 2 dram vial $5.95

Yarrow Use this tincture sparingly but with great probability of success for love, courage and psychic-awareness. 2 dram vial $5.95

Complex Tinctures

Guardian Tincture A blend of Cinnamon, Sandalwood and Clove. Anoint yourself or objects for protection. 2 dram vial $5.95

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Tincture A blend of Sage, Myrrh and Rosemary. Anoint your body, healing amulets or sachets, or blue candles to speed healing or to retain good health. 2 dram vial $5.95

Love Tincture A blend of Lavender, Rosemary and Patchouli. Anoint your body or love sachets to attract a love and to expand your ability to give and to receive love. 2 dram vial $5.95

Money Tincture A blend of Patchouli, Clove, Nutmeg and Cinnamon. Anoint money before spending; anoint money amulets, your purse or wallet, cash register, lucky dice. 2 dram vial $5.95

Sacred Tincture A blend of Frankincense, Myrrh and Benzoin. Anoint yourself to increase your involvement with spiritual activities, especially prior to meditation and religious rituals of all kinds. 2 dram vial $5.95

Third Eye Tincture A blend of Star Anise, Clove, Nutmeg and Deer’s Tongue. Anoint your pillow for psychic dreams (may stain fabric; consider using a special pillow case for this purpose). Anoint wrists and forehead before using your natural psychic abilities. 2 dram vial $5.95 (currently out of stock)

~ End ~